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Sexual Healing
Reference Edition


By Dr. David Kyle Foster

Language:  English
ISBN:  978-1-943523-20-7
Pages: 500
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A Biblical Guide to Finding Freedom from Every Major Area of Sexual Sin and Brokenness.

Includes foundational chapters on subjects like God’s Design for Sex, Intimacy with God, Grace vs. Performance, Failure, as well as a Comprehensive Approach to Finding Freedom from All Sexual Sin and Brokenness.

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Product Description

Sexual Healing Reference Edition

By Dr. David Kyle Foster

A Comprehensive Reference Tool For:
• those who suffer in their own personal struggle with sexual sin and brokenness.
• those with a calling to professional or lay counseling, ministry, or pastoral leadership.
• those who want to know how to help friends and loved ones who are ensnared by sexual sin.
• those who want a biblical approach to freedom from sin, by someone who has been there!

Includes chapters on the causes and healing path for Homosexuality, Pornography, Child Sexual Abuse, Sex Addiction, Masturbation, Transgender Confusion, Voyeurism/Exhibitionism, and more.

Also includes foundational chapters on subjects like God’s Design for Sex, Intimacy with God, Grace vs. Performance, Failure, as well as a Comprehensive Approach to Finding Freedom from All Sexual Sin and Brokenness.

Great for support/ministry groups, Sunday School classes, leadership training, counselors, pastors, and as a vital resource for the person who is bound by sexual sin or brokenness.


A much-needed source of guidance for handling the multiplicity issues that make up sexual bondage and brokenness. This book is truly unique and one that I highly recommend.
Nancy Alcorn, Mercy Multiplied

God miraculously saved David from a sexually depraved lifestyle and equipped him to be a voice of hope for those who are trapped in the bondage of sexual immorality.
Dr. Neil T. Anderson, Freedom in Christ Ministries

I love the way this book lays out biblical, foundational principles that are essential to finding freedom from every kind of sin and brokenness. Dr. Foster’s book is a vital resource for a world drowning in sexual sin and brokenness.
Mike Bickle, International House of Prayer

There is a lifetime of wisdom in this book that has the breadth needed to apply to your life.
Andrew Comiskey, Desert Stream Ministries

A major tour de force—an incredible achievement … Thorough, frank, scripturally sound, practical, a beacon of hope … Simply masterful … Must be read by pastors, church leaders, and ministers of healing … I will be unconditionally recommending it to all our leaders and ministry teams.
Peter Horrobin, Founder, Ellel Ministries

From the pen of one who has been there and who understands the pain, the hunger, the longing, the tears. I would love to see this book in the hands of every therapist, researcher, parent, pastor, as well as the sexually broken person.
Clay McLean, Director of McLean Ministries

Highly recommended!
Dr. Jerry Newcombe, D. James Kennedy Ministries

People who need help, direction and encouragement will benefit immensely from this master­piece!
Larry Tomczak, The Awareness Group

I am delighted to recommend this book for its outstanding insights and forthright “no compromise” approach to such a difficult subject.
Jill Southern, Ellel Ministries, SE Asia and China

This textbook belongs in the library of every Christian counselor and deliverance minister out there! David masterfully explains the major sexual sins and addictions, examines their root causes, and offers suggested paths to freedom.
Doris Wagner, Global Spheres

Dr. Foster’s book is a critical resource for helping pastors, counselors, ministry leaders, and support groups. This major reference work is unique not only for “equipping the saints” for ministry but also as a tool for leading the broken into the presence of God so they can pursue and receive His transforming power.
Christopher West, Theology of the Body Institute

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