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Mary and the Fireflies


By Mary Perrone Davis

Language: English
ISBN-13:  978-1-943523-51-1
Pages: 24
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When young Mary first discovers fireflies in her yard and states that they are plain old bugs when not shining, her mother uses the opportunity to teach Mary about what we can do to make our light shine by loving others.


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Mary and the Fireflies
By Mary Perrone Davis

Young Mary discovers fireflies in her yard for the first time and realizes that fireflies are beautiful when shining but are ordinary bugs when not shining. Mary’s mom uses the opportunity to teach Mary that although God places His spark of light in us, we don’t always shine brightly either. Most of us are like fireflies who shine off and on. When Mary asks how we shine, her mother explains that we shine when we love others, which makes us a reflection of God’s love in us.

Illustrations by Grace Metzger Forrest


MARY PERRONE DAVIS is a wife, mother, grandmother, Lay Carmelite, and Registered Nurse (working as a school nurse). Mary never planned to be an author. She was spending some quiet time outside on a women’s retreat when a butterfly landed nearby and her first book, “Mary’s Butterfly Garden,” was born. This was soon followed by her books, “Mary and the Fireflies” and “Mary Loves to Sing,” which teach children, and parents, to step out in faith to give back to God what He has given them. Her latest book, “Mary Visits A Farm,” teaches children about the help God gives when they are yoked with Him. Mary hopes that her love of the Lord is reflected in her books and in her life, as she gives back to the Lord the gifts He has given her.

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Weight 0.180 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 8.5 in


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