The Laurus Company, Inc.

About The Laurus Company, Inc.

The Laurus Company (TLC) is a Texas corporation based in the Central Florida area. We are a service-oriented book publisher that can meet all of your publishing needs, from editorial and design to Print-On-Demand (POD), to listings in the largest wholesale distribution catalogs in the world. Book orders can be printed “on demand” and shipped from print facilities around the world. This saves authors from having to pay large, expensive offset printing and shipping costs and makes our books available to most of the world.


The mission of TLC is simple — to help our clients meet their publishing goals by providing the highest quality products and services for the most economical cost. In addition to this, we pay royalties on sales from all outlets, including our own online bookstore. TLC truly is an author’s advocate.


Laurus is a genus or class of evergreen trees belonging to the Laurel family. The foliage of the true laurel (Laurus nobilis) has long been used as a crown of distinction honoring outstanding achievement. At The Laurus Company, our authors are treated as laureates, deserving of honor and our TLC.

We at The Laurus Company are deeply patriotic and proud to display the Red, White, and Blue. The flag shown here, “An Appeal to Heaven,” holds great significance as it relates to the founding of our great nation, God’s eternal covenants, and our present hope for America. We feel a kinship with this flag, as our company name and logo originate from the evergreen tree. As a call to return to the foundational principles on which this great country was founded, we share these words from a well-known Christian minister:

“It was flown over our nation at its birthing, a flag commissioned by our first president, George Washington, before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In fact, before the Revolutionary War actually began, General Washington formed and financed America’s first Navy and commissioned them to sail with this flag flying overhead. During the American Revolution, an evergreen tree on a white standard could be seen flying in Massachusetts and, before long, throughout all thirteen colonies. The words ‘An Appeal to Heaven’ became the decreed statement over the nation as this flag flew amid battlefields and encampments. This standard led the American Revolution’s grossly outnumbered and under-resourced troops into battle repeatedly as they fought and won the war for America’s freedom. The flag’s history is expansive and profound. It is nothing less than a living proclamation of God’s everlasting promises, His destiny for us, and His hope for America.”



The Laurus Company (TLC) is owned and operated by Nancy E. Williams, a businesswoman, graphic designer, and book editor whose career spans over three decades.

In 1980, Nancy opened Graphic Professionals, Inc., a commercial graphics and design studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Her 100+ clients appreciated the benefits of her editing and writing skills as she corrected and improved their printed materials. While operating Graphic Professionals, Nancy landed a contract to edit and typeset Christian books. She knew she had found her niche. After closing the graphics company in the mid-90s, she continued her work as a freelance book ­editor, designer, and web developer. With a heart for helping people, she was grieved when she saw new authors struggling to find the right resources for publishing and/or printing their books. She watched as some of them made unwise decisions and others fell prey to unscrupulous and greedy vendors. She knew she had knowledge and experience that could get them published without losing their shirts in the process. Nancy has stated that most first-time authors are like fish out of water struggling to survive on a beach full of cats.

Nancy’s decision was made. In May 2009, she incorporated and with the help of her daughter, Diana L. Meadows, hung out her shingle as “The Laurus Company,” a full-service publishing company operating as an author advocate. In addition to editorial and design services, Laurus became a Certified Publisher with the Ingram Group and is able to provide economical Print-On-Demand (POD) printing, as well as traditional offset printing as needed. This affiliation with Ingram Books, the largest wholesaler in the world, means that TLC books are available in worldwide markets, including the major outlets like Amazon Worldwide, Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor, Spring Arbor, etc. In addition to the U.S. market, books published by Laurus are available in Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Brazil, Australia, and more recently, Russia, India, and the Far East.

Audio Books and Electronic Books for Kindle, Nook, and iPad are created at Laurus and available in their respective outlets. The Laurus Company also offers distribution and fulfillment services and pays royalties from all sales outlets. As the company grows, watch for more exciting news from The Laurus Company.

Nancy is married with five grown children and a wallet full of grand-pics.